2016logo.jpeg‘Get Your Kicks On Route 66’

By: Barb Turner, publicity chair

Campvention 2016 – ‘Get Your Kicks on Route 66’ – will take us to a new location, Heart of Oklahoma Exposition Center, Shawnee, Oklahoma.   In addition to a new location, the dates are new – July 24 – 29. Campvention 2016 is being hosted by Region 2 – South Central West. Regional Director & Campvention Chair Debbie Ludwig and the committee are looking forward to being our hosts at their stop on the famous Route 66.

Heart of Oklahoma Exposition Center is a full-service facility and is an excellent choice for hosting the 2016 Campvention. The building we are using is large and air conditioned. There are 361 full hook-up sites with both 30 & 50 amps and 236 30-amp sites with E & W. Chair Debbie Ludwig says, “We can guarantee full hook-up sites for the FIRST 361 registrations.” What an encouragement to register early! Parking will be hobo by state/province for the first 361.

Cost? Pre-registration: ‘6 nights/5days of fun’ – $285. Daily Camping Pass – $55 per night. (Daily Camp Pass is for camping less than 5 nights.) Daily Walk/Drive In – $20 per day & no Vendor Bucks. 2nd family in a unit – $155.

At-Gate Registration: ‘6 nights/5days of fun’ – $300. Daily Camp Pass – $60 per day. (Daily Camp Pass is for camping less than 5 nights.) Daily Walk/Drive In – $25 per family.& no Vendor Bucks. 2nd family in a unit – $165.

Credit/Debit card transactions are available, but at a processing fee of $8.00 on pre-registrations and a $10.00 processing fee at the gate. If you register and are unable to attend for any reason, all but $25 will automatically be refunded.

Early Bird Days are July 21, 22, and 23 at a cost of $30 per night. (No Early Bird Days prior to July 21st.) Payment for Early Bird Days will be at registration with cash or check only. Gates will open at noon on Thursday, July 21st. Gates will be open all other days at 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM. After 8 PM, units will go to overflow lot.

Come early and enjoy touring the area. In later Campvention info, some sites will be highlighted to help you plan for your early days.

Chairperson Ludwig said, “There will always be room for you at Campvention! If you decide to come at the last minute, bring your registration form with you. We Want You to Come!” And, she emphasized there will be Free WiFi!!

An added incentive for Campvention 2016 is that each family registering will receive $10 in Vendor Bucks which can be used towards any purchase from a vendor in the commercial area. Vendor Bucks must be used at Campvention 2016. Vendor Bucks have ‘no surrender or cash value’ which means no cash back from the vendor. Vendor Bucks will be given to you at registration after you arrive.

Ever hear of a ‘Stay Parade’ or ‘Viewers Parade?’ Since the building being used for Campvention is large and since we can expect high temps, the parade participants will be assigned a location and ‘will stay put.’ The ‘parade watchers’ will walk from parade unit to parade unit in air-conditioned comfort. What a unique idea to make use of the facility and be healthier for the parade participants and viewers. The parade theme is “Cruisin’ Route 66.” Some great possibilities for entries. “Think outside of the box” on your parade entry and enjoy this new experience!

Campvention 2016 & Region 2 is looking forward to helping you experience another part of our country, another part of our organization. See you in Shawnee, Oklahoma in July 2016.

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