parade3Come join us for the first-ever FCRV display parade. This year we are trying something new as we are so fortunate to have an air-conditioned building large enough to have our display parade in.  Each entry will have an area approximately 20’x24′ to decorate.  This is large enough that you can even put a vehicle in your display area to go along with our “Cruisin’ Route 66” theme, a theme with a lot of possibilities so please put your thinking caps on and your design talents to work.  There are different categories for display and/or walking units that will be judged and eligible to receive awards.

The categories consist of either a display and/or walking unit for the following:  chapter, teen chapter, state/provincial, individual member family, national entry (conservation, national retirees, wildlife, field directors, and all entries dealing with the National programs) and the all teen royalty.  All the aforementioned categories are eligible to win the display stealer and president’s award.  All walking units will have room to walk around inside the building to be judged while doing their routine.  It will be so great to be able to wear costumes this year in the air-conditioned building.

Everyone that participates in a display or walking unit will be awarded a participation certificate.  Remember, this is your chance to show off your royalty and pride in being a Family Campers and RVers member.  If you are not in a display or walking unit, please come and admire all the work that has gone into the displays and walking routines.  Once again, remember it is air-conditioned for your comfort.  It is a great time to join together one last time before heading home for visiting with your FCRV family and admiring all the hard work that went into developing their display or routine.

The deadline for registration is May 1, 2016.

Faye Tennyson, Parade Chair

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