Travalong Program

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National Travalong Directors , Jim & Barb Turner at

The Travalong Program is designed to provide group-planned activities in a selected city or area, primarily around Campvention.

The Travalong directors determine a location or two of interest.  They make arrangements with the campgrounds and provide websites of attractions in the area to share with those who are interested.  Those interested make their own reservations at the campground.  Once the Travalong group gathers, the group decides the things they want to do or see. Most of the activities are done as a group, but if someone has a particular interest in something else, they are encouraged to do that and then share with the group in the evening.

The first Travalong with this format was centered in Dover, Ohio in the heart of the Amish area of eastern Ohio.  The second Travalong was centered in Elkhart, IN in the heart of the RV industry and in Springfield, IL in the Land of Lincoln. The 2015 Travalong followed the western movement as the early pioneers did, sort of.

This is a summary of the 2015 Travalong

Below is a link to pictures taken by the Turners on the 2015 Travalong.

2015 Travalong

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