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Theme – Moonlight in Vermont




Best Chapter – Meandering Mohawks, Ontario







Best State/Province – Ohio








Best Walking Unit – Connecticut








Best National – FCRV Band





Best Teen Royalty – 1st New York, 2nd Michigan, 3rd Pennsylvania






Best Theme – Connecticut





Parade Stealer – New York

President’s Award – Connecticut

19 Units with 250 people participating.

2014 Campvention Golf Teams


Mike Reynolds

Guy Emberton


Paul Parsley                 SC

Lew Acre

Ken Greeley                ONT

Rick Schnitzler            CT


Ian Almond

Tommy Garner            GA

Robert Snodgrass        OH

Jim Sampson               ONT


Robert Wolf                NY

Barb Turner                 FL

Dale Wagner               PA

Sean Finnegan             CT

Long Drive

Sean Finnegan             CT

Closest to Pin

Paul Parsley                 SC

Total golfers:               30

2014 Adult Game Winners

WASHER TOSS ( 73 Players)
Mixed Doubles – 1st Debbie Yanke, CT, Gene Jennings, NY,
2nd Judy Drexler, PA, George Rothman, NY
Men’s Singles – 1st Mark Amell ,ONT, 2nd Gene Jennings, NY
Ladies Singles – 1st Judy Drexler, PA, 2nd Donna Powell ,IL
DSC_0395LADDER GOLF (58 players)
Mixed Doubles – 1st Tanya & George Rothman, NY
2nd Deanna & Frank Russee, NY
Men’s Singles – 1st Don Morrier, ONT 2nd Dan Boisvirt, ONT
Ladies Singles – 1st Dee Lemain, CT 2nd Sue LaBelle, ONT
HORSE SHOES (32 Players)
Mixed Doubles – 1st Patty & Joe Wittmeyer, NY
2nd Duane Keegan & Rhonda O’Neal, IL
Men’s Doubles – Gerry Finkbeiner, ONT & Eric Huett, ONT
Men’s Singles – Eric Huett, ONT 2nd Gerry Finkbeiner, ONT
Ladies Doubles – 1st Patty Wittmeyer, NY & Barb McHale, NY
2nd Donna Powell, Il & Rhonda O’Neal, IL
Ladies Singles – 1st Sue Labelle, ONT 2nd Patty Wittmeyer, NY




Special Award – Order of the Broken Shoe – Rhonda O’Neal

2014 Teen Sports

First place Softball team consisted of: Fletcher Shaneyfelt, Aaron Tauber, Shawn Crookedacre, Nick Kyte, Derek Klingensmith, Beth O’Neal, Jack Skillings, Peter Kurburski, Andrew Mazaik, Anthony Tennyson, Chris Whittmeyer, Casey Kuhnert, Megan Douglas and Amy Wittmeyer.

Teen softball players




We had 4 teen volleyball teams.
The winning team was coached by Alyssa Robb and consisted of: Fletcher Shaneyfelt, Kerri McHale, Beth O’Neal Katie Kurburski, Shelbie Pallas, Nick Kyte, Jack Skillings.
2nd Place team was coached by Chris Wittmeyer (who also played) and also consisted of: Amy Wittmeyer, Hannah Robb, Derk Klingensmith, Acacia Pallas, Andrew Mazaik and Peter Kurburski.


1st place volleyball




Relays consisted of two teams:
First Place was coached by Jill Serbousek and consisted of: Aaron Tauber, Hannah Nolte, Sierra Woolworth, Tara Bowen, Kegan Pelihan, Megan Douglas and Frances Wolf
2nd Place was coached by Kirsten Knapp and consisted of: Casey Kuhnert, Shawn Crookedacre, Anthony Tennyson, Lauren Pallas, Peyton Jennings, Meagan Pallas, Brina Underwood and Elliece Kuhnert.
There were no major injuries this year (thanks to our trainer, Nancy Coy for being there)! I think every teen enjoyed themselves and we all had a great time! Thanks also to Connecticut for their left over lemonade and cups from their hospitality. The teens really enjoyed the lemonade!!!
I believe all of the teens sports could be considered big league as there was a “fly over” at every game!!!!!
On to the Adult vs. Teens Softball Game: This game was very close all the way to the end. The game ended in a tie score of 11 to 11. So again, this will have to be continued next year to determine a winner!!!! We believe if we continue to have the family fun day on Mondays, this game would be a wonderful way to close the day out for evening entertainment.


Adult vs teen softball players (tied game even though the teens are holding up the number 1).



2014 National Award Winners

     PLAQUES AND CITATIONS The national citation is the second to the highest award given by the organization. Citations are awarded to member individuals or families who have contributed beyond the normal call of duty to members or chapters in their area of responsibility. The National Plaque is the highest award given by the organization. Plaques are awarded only to member individuals or families who have contributed outstanding service to Family Campers. A maximum of 5 plaques can be give per year.

Thanks to the award committee for their work in selecting our award recipients. The committee is formed by the Vice President – Operations and is approved by the Trustees. The committee has a previous plaque recipient, and executive board member and a field staff member. These must come from different regions and the regions rotate each year. This year’s committee were: Region 7/8   Plaque recipient, Art & Sylvia Hamilton, NS, Chair, Region 3            Field Staff, Delores & Jerry Benjamin, NE, Region 6 Executive Board member, Fred Muckle, SC.

We have one citation recipient this year.

JeaniesmRegina (Jeanie) Kelly received her citation this year. She has been a member since 1977. Faye has served as Penn State Association President and Secretary. She has also chaired Penn Camp and helped with registration. She represents two chapters at the Penn State Association and has held chapter officer positions. Regina is the editor of Penn Chatter.

When campvention was held in Pennsylvania Regina served as Teen Pageant Chairman and Hospitality chairman. She has also helped with Penn floats.

Regina is active at her church. She continues to be active and is instrumental in keep Penn State Association going. When there is a job to do she is among the first to volunteer.

There is one plaque recipient for 2014.

SwanburgsTerry and Faye Swanburg of Cambridge Ontario received their plaque this year. They have been members from 1968 – 1978, 1986 – 1992, 2000 until present totaling 30 years.

Their Leadership skills were utilized as Field Director in Quebec 1987 -1988, Field Director in New Brunswick 1989 – 1991, Disaster Awareness Training Chairpersons for 1st Region 7 Campout in Quebec 1987, Disaster Awareness Training/Disaster And Safety Awareness Training Directors in Ontario 2002 until the present. Additionally they have held these positions: Chapter Treasurer of SW Tazmanian Whirlwinds over 5 years, Disaster and Safety Awareness Training Chairpersons for Campvention 2006 and 2012, Steering Committee Secretary for Blyth Campvention 2012, Seminar Chairpersons for Campvention 2012, Chairpersons for Ontario Provincial Fall Campout 2012, Vice Presidents of Ontario Provincial Association 2010 to present, Presidents Elect for Ontario Provincial Association taking office Sept 2014. They presented DAT/DASAT programs to 10 plus provincial campouts. They also presented DAT programs at two Campventions in Blyth. Terry was a Youth Hockey coach for 12 years. Faye lead Girl Guides for two years as well as Scounts Canada Beaver and Cub Scout leader for 12 years. Faye was District Director for Beaver Program, Nottawasaga District, Scouts Canada for 2 years. She also was president of the Royal Canadian Dragoons Wives Club from 1984 – 1985 and Vice President from 1983 – 1984.

They received an FCRV citation in 2008. Terry served 25 years in Canadian Armed Forces. Faye was Life President of Acadia University Class of 1977. She also received Base Commander’s Commendation CFB Lahr, Germany 1985. Together the Swanburgs have attended 8 National Campventions and counting. They lived in Germany for 4 years serving with the Canadian Armed Forces.

They were Field Director in Quebec from 1987 -1988, then Field Director in New Brunswick from 1989 – 1991. In 1987 they were Disaster Awareness Training Chairpersons for 1st Region 7 Campout held in Quebec. Additionally they hold the Disaster Awareness Training/Disaster And Safety Awareness Training Directors position in Ontario from 2002 until the present. They were Chapter Treasurer of SW Tazmanian Whirlwinds for over 5 years. They were Disaster and Safety Awareness Training Chairpersons for Campvention 2006 and 2012 and Seminar Chairpersons for 2012. Faye was Steering Committee Secretary for Blyth Campvention 2012. They chaired the Ontario Provincial Fall Campout in 2012. They currently are Vice Presidents of Ontario Provincial Association and have held the position since 2010 and arePresidents Elect for Ontario Provincial Association taking office Sept 2014. They have presented DAT/DASAT programs to 10 plus provincial campouts and at 2 Campventions in Blyth 2006 and 2012. The DASAT/Goodie Bag/Tour Charipersons for 2014 Region 7 Campout Vineland, Ontario were the Swanburgs. They are always willing volunteers for 20 plus RV Shows in Nova Scotia and Ontario.

National Achievements include receiving the FCRV Citation in 2008, being on the Steering Committee Campvention 2012. They received the Disaster and Safety Awareness National Directors Award 2007 and 2012 and the Disaster and Safety Awareness National Directors Program Award 2007. They earned the Ambassadors Award in 1013.

In addition to FCRV Terry and Faye are involved in their community in various ways. In addition to being a hockey coach Terry was Executive for Essa Minor Hockey Association and Borden Minor Hockey Association. In addition to Faye’s work with Girl Guides and Scouts Canada Beaver and Cub she has canvassed for the Canadian Kidney Foundation and Canadian Heart and Stroke Foundation. Faye has also volunteered for Church Choirs and City of Cambridge events.   

Hank Nathan Lifetime Achievement Award.
This award was created to recognize those individuals or families who have given a lifetime of service to the organization.

Jim & Barb Turner are the recipients for 2014.

turnerssmJim & Barb joined NCHA in November 1977 where they joined their local chapter and became active serving in many positions over the years. As you’ll see they have been very active in NCHA/FCRV and served in many different positions from the local to the national level. Jim & Barb Turner are definitely one of the best candidates for the Hank Nathan Lifetime Achievement Award!

  • In 1979 they became Ohio Field Directors and held that position until 1982.
  • They were the recipient of the 1981 Ohio Field Director of the Year Award
  • In June 1982 they served on the Ohio SERVE board which selects scholarship recipients for Ohio.
  • The Turners were involved with the 1983 Campvention held in Buck Creek, Ohio.
  • They were appointed to District Director position from 1982 – 1986
  • Ohio State Director was their next position in which they served members of NCHA/FCRV from 1987-1995.
  • At the 1989 Oklahoma Campvention Jim & Barb received a National Citation and Directors of the Year Award
  • 1991 Turners stepped forward and were the Host Chairmen of the Campvention held in Canfield, Ohio
  • The 1992 National Plaque Award was presented to Jim and Barb for their outstanding service to the members of NCHA.
  • In July 1996 Jim was installed as National President with Barb at his side, as always. He served in that position until 2000 when he then served as Past President until 2004. During this time they attended many state/regional campouts where they had FCRV merchandise to sell.
  • Barb has been the Roamin’ Trojan newsletter editor for many years
  • She initiated and continues to send out an update to the membership on what is happening with others whether it be illness, death, birth, achievement, celebration etc. which keeps us all connected and informed on our fellow FCRVers.
  • The Turners were instrumental in forming the YARs (Young Active Retiree) chapter
  • For several years they have been in charge of the golf outings at the Retiree Rally and many times the Campventions.
  • For several years they organized a week long golf outing usually proceeding the Retiree Rally.
  • In 2013 they were appointed as the National Travalong Directors

Community Involvement

  • Both of the Turners are retired teachers with Jim teaching Industrial Arts and Barb secondary Social Studies, 2nd and 4th
  • Jim coached football, basketball, track, golf and was the chess advisor
  • In both Tipp City and Zephryhills, they have been very involved with their church.  In Tipp City, Jim served on council.  Barb was a member of the choir, Sunday School teacher and the Sunday School superintendent.  In Zephyrhills, they are both involved with the food bank at their church and many other activities.
  • Barb was also Susan’s girl scout leader for many years.  She was instrumental in taking them to the National Girl Scout Center in Tensleep, Wyoming Susan’s junior year of high school.

Jim & Barb obviously love and have been dedicated to NCHA/FCRV over the years and provided many activities and served in several leadership positions. All of this they have done as a volunteer and because they believed in the purpose of our family camping organization and enjoyed serving the members. With this award it is a small token of our appreciation for all they have done for NCHA/FCRV members.


Recognizes an executive board member for outstanding achievement within their area of responsibility.

braymansAnne & Mark Brayman were appointed Connecticut State Director in 2006 and are Award of Merit recipients for 2014.

Mark and Anne have instilled within the membership of Connecticut a positive attitude and a willingness to serve as needed. They have created willing volunteers to carry out the work of FCRV in Connecticut in such a way that it isn’t a burden on any one individual. Connecticut has had steady membership growth and has a very active group of chapters. By the example they set, Mark and Anne continue to have f un camping and doing projects with the membership in Connecticut.

Mark & Anne are currently working with the rest of their region on campvention in Essex Junction VT. They are currently a team leader with 10 chairs under their leadership. Their main responsibility for this year’s Campvention is the Teen Queen/Teen King competition. Mark & Anne have embraced the family attitude within FCRV by making member’s adult children who have moved into the northeast feel right at home by including them in their family activities as well as Family Campers activities. In the past Anne has created wonderful Teen Queen Teas for campvention and made all the contestants feel like queens. Mark & Anne and their boys, Jesse, Joe and Josh have always been supportive of the Family Campers Band at campvention. In addition to their FCRV responsibilities, they host the Make-A-Wish activity for their state and also are very involved with the Lions Club in their locality. The 2013 northeast regional Campvention was chaired by them at a private campground that is a commercial member of FCRV which donated some of the entertainment.

Mark & Anne project a positive attitude and always have an encouraging word.

Recognizes a chapter for their support for the programs in FCRV and for their promotion efforts and gaining new members.

The criteria for the award changed for 2013. The Alf Campers of St Louis MO affiliated with Illinois are our chapter of the year. The chapter was chartered in 2007 and currently have 16 families. They were given points in the following categories.


  • ALF Campers membership continues to grow.       Starting out as a small chapter of 4 in 2007, ALF is now 16 members strong. ALFs had 3 new families join in 2013. Two of these members were from the St. Louis RV Show, 1 family from the Belleville RV show.
  • The Belleville RV Show was held February 22-24 at the Fairgrounds in Belleville, IL. ISA paid for an FCRV booth there and Alf Campers manned the booth for the weekend. The show was a success, as we got 38 names signed up to get more information about Family Campers and RVers. We recruited four new members from this show.
  • Alf Campers support and volunteer at the FCRV booth at the St. Louis RV Show in January.

CAMPERS ACTIVELY MOVING PROGRAM (CAMP) ( 1-5 )          The Alf Campers had 18 CAMP events for hiking and biking totaling 187 miles. In addition, 7 ALF Campers signed up for the 100 Missouri Miles program. 5 members logged well over 100 miles. Also, 7 ALF Campers participated in St. Louis County’s 30/30 hike program. 5 completed the program, each logging 55 miles


  • “The flu is not a bad cold. The flu is a contagious virus that can kill you.” article in the January edition of the ALF Newsletter Melmac Musings
  • “Time to Unwind” article in the March edition of Melmac Musings.
  • A DASAT presentation was organized by Jill Serbousek for the April ISA State Campout from Time2Survive. Time2Survive is an e-commerce survival store with owners who love to help anyone from novice to professional with their survival needs. They gave a talk on surviving in the wilderness and some tools that would be useful.
  • “The 8 Elements of a Green & Healthy Home” article in the April edition of Melmac Musings.
  • “Choosing a Health Care Agent” article in the May edition of Melmac Musings.


  • In April, 7 ALF members participated in the Open Space Council Missouri River Clean Stream cleanup of the Missouri River in St. Charles, MO. This event involved taking a boat on the Missouri River to a nearby bank to pick up trash along the river for approximately 2-3 hours.
  • Jill Serbousek, Chapter President won first place at 2013 National Campvention with her Conservation Poster (subject was Colony Collapse Disorder).
  • In August, 7 members participated in the Meramec River Clean Up, also sponsored by Open Space Council. We took a boat across the river to another bank to clean up trash for approximately 2-3 hours.
  • In November, 7 members participated in the removal of invasive honey suckle at the City of Ellisville, MO Blue Bird Park. This required members to pull young honey suckle from the ground before it could too thick and take over the rest of the plants in the park.       Honeysuckle is very invasive and Blue Bird Park volunteers are fighting the plant constantly. This was done during a weekend when we were camping at nearby Babler State Park and the city of Ellisville was thrilled to have us.
  • ALF Campers participate in the Missouri Adopt A Highway program in which the chapter cleans up a mile stretch of highway 3 times a year. Multiple members participate at each of these events, including the special event No More Trash Bash in April.


  • At the ISA State Campout April 12-14, 4 members cooked up the pancake breakfast The pan-cake breakfast was a hit—we made $90 to be split between the ISA Scholarship and Wildlife funds.
  • Alf Campers requested and were granted an ISA Wildlife Grant which we presented to Treehouse Wildlife Center in Dow, IL. In exchange, the center gave us a presentation at the spring ISA campout in Sparta, IL.
  • Alf Campers applied for and were awarded a National Wildlife grant for the Wolf Sanctuary in Eureka, MO.

TEENS (1-5)

  • ALF Events are open to participants of all ages.       The Teens participate in all of the adult activities, including hikes, volunteer events, etc.
  • Beth O’Neal was the 2013 Illinois Teen Queen and the 2013 National Miss Congeniality.
  • Jason Scott, Eric Scott, and Rodney O’Neal were Teen Queen Escorts at the 2013 National Campvention in Iowa.
  • ALF Campers hosted the ISA State Campout in April.       One of the planned activities included making the “Conservation Is…” posters for Nationals. 6 Teens participated in the activity.

YOUTH (1-5)

  • ALF Events are open to participants of all ages.       The Youth participate in all of the adult activities, including hikes, volunteer events, etc.
  • ALF Campers hosted the ISA State Campout in April.       One of the planned activities included making the “Camping Is…” posters for Nationals. 6 Youth’s participated in the activity. Supplies were also available for the children to make their own birdhouses to take home.
  • Carter Houdeshell won first place with his “Camping Is…” poster at National Campvention in 2013.



At the ISA State Campout April 12-14, 4 members cooked up the pancake breakfast The pan-cake breakfast was a hit—we made $90 to be split between the ISA Scholarship and Wildlife funds. Nancy Scott also set up a great fundraiser for the Alf Scholarship fund with the flea market and we made almost $150 thanks to all the items that were donated by Alfs, ranging from baked goods to books to tie blankets, to trinkets.


  • ALF Campers enters a scrapbook into the contest every year at National Campvention. The scrapbook took 2nd place at 2013 Campvention.
  • Jill Serbousek, Chapter President, has led an effort to institute a State/Provincial Photobook contest under the Historian Program, working closely with the National Historian and VP of Programs.



  • On Sunday, April 21st, the Alfs participated in the Earth Day Festival at Forest Park. We had an FCRV Booth with the slogan “Campers with a Conscience” in the Nature and Outdoors Neighborhood. Alfs who helped recruit potential members were Jill & Scott Serbousek, Micki & Pete Luensmann, Walt & Mary Ehrhard, Rhonda & Beth O’Neal, and Dee & Allen Hildebrandt.
  • At each campout, Jill & Scott Serbousek display the Come Camp With Us banner in a PVC frame near their campsite or somewhere visible to other campers.
  • Through the season, Alf Campers pass out FCRV brochures to nearby campers who stop to ask questions of the group.

DISPLAYING LOGO ON RIG (1-5) The Alf Campers display logo on 100% of their rigs.


  • Many members of the chapter worked at spring campouts to make 10 fleece tie blankets for Children’s Hospital which were donated in November.
  • 6 Alf members participated in adopting 2 families at Christmas.
  • Alf members brought food to the Thanksgiving campout which was donated to a family in the St. Louis area through one of the Alf’s workplaces.
  • Through-out the year Alf members brought food to campouts for the St. Louis Area Foodbank.



A big change took place with this year’s pageant. For the first time since its inception many years ago, a teen king as well as a teen queen was crowned. States and provinces have had teen kings for some time, but until now their role at the pageant was being escorts for the queen candidates.
The actual competition began with morning interviews on Wednesday, July 9th with the Teen Queen Tea and interviews with the Judges, four Burlington area women with backgrounds in the arts and business. Wednesday afternoon the talent competition was held. MC, Don Lanoue introduced members of the 2013 court on hand including Beth O’Neal, Miss Congeniality, Erin Martone, 4th Runner-up, Brittany Huryn, 1st Runner-up, and Miss FCRV ,Hannah Robb. This year’s nine young ladies did the usual singing, dancing and playing instruments, however the four young men were thrown a surprise when their skill task was to draw a picture of a tent and campfire with markers on an art pad while describing their drawing.

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